Nativity is a joyous, welcoming, inclusive community of faith, dedicated to transforming lives with the love of God in Jesus Christ.  We love God and we love our neighbors, and we welcome you to join in our mission, worship, and service to others.

The Diocese of Arizona, a group of intrepid lay leaders started this church in Fall 2006.  In Fall 2012, we became a full parish in the Diocese of Arizona, and in December 2012, we moved into our permanent church home in our current location.  We are very proud of how far we have come in such a short time!

We worship in the ancient sacramental tradition of the church, with communion each Sunday, and we have lively and active children’s, youth, and adult education programs, as well as a vibrant and beautiful music program and dedicated ministries of service to others in our community and beyond.

Creamer Baptism

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