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Written by Wayne Whitney on Aug 29, 2013

online-learningNativity is happy to sponsor our own video online learning school!  At our ChurchNext school, you can take video courses on a variety of topics including scripture, liturgy, and many other areas of personal and spiritual growth.  Courses are taught by experts and allow us to learn what we want, when we want, and at our own pace.  And there’s a discussion room in each class, with access to a moderator, so we don’t have to go it alone. To become a student in our online school and have access to all the classes, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Classes Offered:

Nativity is offering the following classes and many more:

c1645_336x252Introduction to the Bible with Marek Zabriskie

This introductory course outlines the Bible, tells us about authorship, main themes, and how we might go about reading this amazing book.



c1717_336x252Developing Holy Habits in Children with Valerie Hess

Raising up children who will be inspired and nourished by their faith is one of the most important jobs parents have. In this course, noted author Valerie Hess takes us through a number of disciplines that can benefit our children.


c1723_336x252Holy Communion 101 with James Hamilton

The wonder and majesty of The Lord’s Supper has been celebrated for centuries. However, for all its beauty, Holy Communion can be hard to understand. In this class, James Hamilton helps us unpack some of the richness found in experiencing Holy Communion.


c1497_336x252How to Forgive with Virginia Holeman

God’s solution to the problem of brokenness and sin is forgiveness. This course tells us what forgiveness is, why we should do it, and how to begin.



c1602_336x252How to Handle the Work-Life Balance with David Gray

Work-life imbalance is an epidemic, but faith can lead to a more balanced life, which Dr. David Gray teaches us in this course.



c2471_336x252Why Does God Get Angry? with Rolf Jacobson

If you’ve ever considered there were two Gods in the Bible; the angry one in the Old Testament and the forgiving one in the New Testament, then this course may help you see that there is one God, whose anger is based in love.


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