Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Wayne Whitney on Apr 07, 2013

Computer Art Image of Large Stone Question MarkHere are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Church:

Q. What’s the dress code?

A.  We don’t have a dress code! Jesus welcomed people however they were dressed – and so do we! People come to worship in everything from shorts and flip-flops to suits and ties. Wherever you are in your journey, and whatever you happen to be wearing, Jesus welcomes you.

Q. What about my kids?

A.  We love kids at Nativity – all age kids, from 0 to 18. Children can stay in the service with you if you like. We don’t mind crying babies – we love them! But if you’d like some time to worship without tending to your children at the same time, we have options for you. Our Nursery for ages 0 to 3 is available all morning. Children’s Chapel for young children (age 4 through 8 or so) happens during the first half of the 10:00 service, so the children can hear the Bible story for the day, pray and do activities at their own level. Sunday School for all ages happens during the 11:15 to noon Education hour. Find out more about our Children’s Programs here, or our Teen Programs here.

Q. Do I have to be an Episcopalian?

A.  Nativity folks include lots of people from lots of different backgrounds. Some grew up Episcopalian, some grew up Roman Catholic, some grew up Evangelical, some grew up Jewish or Buddhist, some grew up with no faith background at all. Whoever you are, you are welcome. And any baptized Christian is welcome to receive communion – you don’t have to be Episcopalian.

Q. What is an Episcopalian, anyway?

A.  What a great question! Take a look at our page called The Episcopal Church for some great answers.

Q. That’s an interesting page. But what is a Christian, and how do I become one?

A.  Wow, an even better question. Take a look at our Becoming Christian page for an answer.

Q: Do you welcome gays and lesbians?

A.  Yes! LGBT people are a beloved part of our community. We welcome all children of God.