Our Mission

Written by Wayne Whitney on Apr 07, 2013

Our Mission: To transform lives by helping people experience the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Celtic_cross_Knock_IrelandWe believe that God wants the world to live in healing, love and wholeness. That is why God sent God’s son, Jesus, to live among us and bring divine love to birth in the world.  Jesus lived, died and was resurrected for each one of us, and in him we are reconciled to God.

The Holy Spirit inspires the church with God’s continuing mission of peace, joy and love. We believe the Holy Spirit brings healing, strength and vision; that God inspires each one of us to use our unique gifts and talents to follow Christ and serve our neighbors as only we can; and that we experience true fulfillment and fullness of life as Christ helps us grow through loving service and worship.

Our Purposes:

To reach out to our community with the good news of Jesus Christ through active invitation and servant EVANGELISM.

To WORSHIP together in a way that connects with people’s lives and gives them a sense of spiritual connection with God.

To bring people into deeper FELLOWSHIP with each other through active hospitality, newcomer welcoming and orientation, and pastoral care.

To TEACH the Christian and Episcopal traditions and scriptures to children, youth and adults through enriching education programs.

To REACH OUT IN SERVICE to our community and beyond.