Room Request

Written by Wayne Whitney on Aug 20, 2013

Please use this form to request meeting or event space.  All users must submit a form in order to ensure that space is available and that the HVAC is turned on for a meeting.  After your request has been submitted, we will contact you to let you know whether it has been approved.

For groups that are not Nativity ministry groups: we ask that you review our Facilities Use Policy and have the responsible party in your group sign and date the agreement and turn it in to the church office. Please note that there are standard fees for the use of our space, which may be reduced at the discretion of the Rector. In addition, we ask you to fill out the online form below and submit it to reserve your room and time. The Facilities Use Policy is here:


Here is a diagram of our building.  The main entrance is at the bottom (in area #4) – this is Christopher Hall.  The sanctuary is to the left.  Please refer to this diagram in making your request.

Nativity Floor Layout


Nativity Room Request Form

  • Please use this form to request a room for a meeting or other activity, and also to request air conditioning/heat for the meeting.