Written by Wayne Whitney on Apr 07, 2013

Nativity YouthgroupGod has a special love for the young adults in our community as they enter the most important decision-making period of their lives, and we want God to enrich their lives with  strength, love and encouragement.

Our regular youth group is on hiatus for the summer and will re-start on Sunday, August 21. In the meantime, the youth have a great plan for a mission trip and time away at Chapel Rock, the diocesan summer camp. Contact Shelley Byrnes for more information at ShelleyByrnes@thenativity.net

During the program year, We have an active and lively youth group at Nativity!  Students are invited to worship each Sunday at 10:00 a.m., and then participate in Christian education and youth group.

For Middle School Students (grades 6-8): Middle School Youth Group happens during the regular Christian education time, 11:00 to 11:45. Middle Schoolers then stay on for lunch and games with the high school youth group, till 12:30.

For High School Students (grades 9-12): High school students have a Bible Study during the Christian education time, 11:00 to 11:45. They then stay on for lunch and games with the middle school youth group, followed by High School Youth Group till 1:30.

Teens also do lots of other activities during the year, from mission work to summer camp to spiritual retreats.  They love to welcome new students to the group!  The youth group has lunch and activities together.  They share highs and lows, food, games, and deep discussions about God, their lives, and how God relates to them.

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Summer Activities:  During the summer, many of our teens have the time of their lives at Chapel Rock, the Arizona Episcopal summer camp!  It’s a terrific place that makes great memories and helps bring kids closer to Christ.  We also have a Teen Mission Trip each summer to help folks in need!  Contact Shelley Byrnes for more information at ShelleyByrnes@thenativity.net.

Our Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries.  Shelley Byrnes is our Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries.  Please see our staff page for more information about Shelley!  You can contact her at ShelleyByrnes@thenativity.net, or on her cell phone at 480-993-7377.