Written by Wayne Whitney on Oct 07, 2016



We are glad to provide a Christian funeral service for our members and for others. To arrange for a service, please email us at or call us at 480.307.9216. Services are generally conducted at Nativity, but on occasion, we are happy to officiate elsewhere. We do not currently have a columbarium, so we will come to your designated interment site to do the burial, which usually happens after the funeral service.

We encourage you to make plans for your own funeral service in advance. These plans include making a will, providing a Power of Attorney designating who will make end-of-life decisions for you, noting where all your important documents are, and of course, planning your own funeral service. All of this planning is a great gift to your family, allowing them to take care of their own needs at a difficult time without the burden of many decisions and uncertainties.

In order to help you make your plans, Nativity is happy to provide an advance-planning questionnaire, which you may download, print, and fill out. We encourage you to keep this questionnaire in a safe place at home where your family can find it, and we will also keep a copy on file at the church office, if you wish. The first part of the questionnaire has to do with general arrangements, and the second part deals with the funeral service itself. Click Planning Questionnaire to download the questionnaire.